Why has my game been locked?

If you are receiving a message in the Game Editor that your game has been locked, this generally means that your game has been reviewed by our support staff and determined to be advertising to kids under 12, or using protected intellectual property for which permission from the intellectual property holder has not been provided. It may also be locked if you are currently in an active Concierge project. Games are locked to prevent publishing and purchases until these issues or your project can be resolved.  

You'll still be able to make changes to your game while it is locked.  Once you've removed any mentions of kids under 12 or protected IPs, that you do not have permission to use, please contact customer support.  We'll be happy to review the game and unlock it once any issues have been resolved.

If you have additional questions about why your game has been locked, please contact customer support through the beacon on our site, or by e-mailing info@thegamecrafter.com.

You can learn why you cannot advertise to kids here:


You can learn more about our Intellectual Property Policy here:


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