Follies FAQ

What are Follies?

They are free gifts (warm fuzzies) that we give away in every package shipped from The Game Crafter. They can take many forms, but are usually a tool, trophy, puzzle, or game. Here's the original announcement of Follies to the public.

What was the first Folly?

A clear ruler.

How do you pronounce Folly?

[ fol-ee ] 

Why call them Follies? Aren't follies _____ ?

Follies are by definition a foolish, costly, absurd, or whimsical venture. And we think that describes this perfectly. It costs us money to do this, and by all reason we shouldn't do it. But it's fun, damn it, and fun is worth the cost! That's the entire idea behind Follies, to be fun for our community.

Will you ever release a full list of Folly Images?

No. But we encourage the community to collaborate. There is a discord channel just for this purpose.

Will Follies ever be reprinted?


Are Follies meant to be collected?

Yes. In fact, it's required to play some of the games and solve some of the puzzles.

Can I Get Follies Any Other Way?

Yes, besides getting them in your orders, we also sometimes sell limited edition booster packs of Follies in our parts shop. This is a great way to shore up your collection of Follies. (See photo below)

What does TGC get out of this?

We put a lot of time and money into building community by creating positive energy and giving people good feelings, rather than advertising in a traditional sense. For us, this warm fuzzy we give to our community should help earn repeat business or maybe even encourage people to share TGC with friends. Thus, for us it's about building community.

How often will you be swapping out Follies?

The plan is to print around 2000 of each Folly only once. After 1900 or so have been shipped out, we'll print a batch of another Folly and ship those out. We'll keep repeating that forever. So how quickly they get swapped out depends on how many parcels we ship from our factory. In the first year, we expect to do 30+ Follies, which is probably around 2 or 3 per month. 

Is trading Follies allowed?

Yes. Do note that some Follies will contain prizes, and thus you need to decide whether that's something you want to keep for yourself.

Single Card Challenge Related Follies

The following are answers to questions related to the Single Card Challenge that we held to help make games to include in Follies.

For the games that become Follies, will you be adding anything to the images of the games?

Yes. We'll be adding metadata that will be used for all the mini-games and other things that are happening with Follies.

Are the games going to be inserted randomly or will they go out in batches?

A batch of 1900 will be produced all at once and then shipped out until they are gone.

When will people get compensated?

Per the rules of the contest, everyone we decide to publish will earn $200 in shop credit. We will pay out that shop credit once a game has been picked to become a Folly. That means that over time, as more and more games are picked, more and more people will be paid. It won't happen all at once.

Can we change our games after the contest is completed?

Yes. We will snapshot the games after voting closes. Thus, you will be able to make any changes you want to your games, we encourage it. When your game is selected as a Folly, you will be notified and you can let us know if you have changes at that time.

Can we use our single card games ourselves?

Yes. Per the contest rules you are giving us a limited non-exclusive license, and thus you can still use your game for any purpose beyond Follies.

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