Why Should I Create a User Account?

Creating a user account is simple, quick, and free on the TGC site.  A user account is required if you are creating games or other products on our site.  

If you're simply purchasing products through our site, you're not required to create a user account--you can check out as a guest.  However, as all orders are associated with a user account so that we have a record of the transaction, an account would be created for you, using your e-mail address as the user name.  

There are benefits to creating an account, including:

1.  You can view the current status of your order at any time.

2.  Your tracking information will be listed in your account, under the receipt for your order, when your order ships.

3.  It's simpler to check out in the future.

4.  Each order accrues Crafter Points, which you can use in various ways through your account.  

To create a user account, you can visit https://www.thegamecrafter.com/login

On the right side of the screen, you will enter a user name.  You can include your real name as well, if you wish. 

Then, you'll enter your e-mail address.  Please review this address carefully, as if there are any typos, you will not receive your receipts or shipping notifications via e-mail!  

Next, you'll enter a password, and verify the password to confirm.  

You can choose whether or not you wish to receive our occasional newsletters via e-mail.  (These contain important information for regular users of our site.)

Lastly, you'll be asked to complete a captcha where you'll fill in the blank with an answer, as a security measure.  It will look something like this:

In this case, you would enter the answer to the math problem, 11.  

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