Production Queues

We have an Urgent Queue, Normal Queue, Parts-Only Queue, and a Bulk Queue. You can learn more about our queues by listening to this podcast. You can see the status of our queues from the status page.

The estimated shipping date listed for each queue is the estimated date that we will finish production of an order placed today in that queue. The estimated shipping date is not when the order will arrive at the shipping address.

Orders in the Normal Queue are produced on a first-in, first-out basis. At any time, you can find an estimate of how long it might take for us to produce your order by visiting  Please note that orders of 10 or more copies of a game will be produced through our bulk production queue, which has its own estimated ship date.  

Orders in the Urgent Queue are put into production ASAP which speeds up the process of these orders being completed. We have an option to mark your order “Urgent” during the checkout process.

For more information, you can visit

Orders that go into our Parts-Only Queue are orders that contain stock items only - no custom-printed items.

When you buy 10 or more of the same game in a single order, or use the Bulk Order Fulfillment system, those orders go into the Bulk Queue. The bulk queue works like our other queues in that it is first in, first out. However, it is the slowest of the queues because we're processing all the large orders through it, so it can take several weeks to go through the bulk queue even though it only takes several days to go through the normal queue. 

We implemented the bulk queue so that our normal queue runs more efficiently. We used to intermix all orders, which could create delays. This new way ensures that our entire production process is moving along more efficiently. 

Note: We have a standard waiting period of 3 days between your very first order of a custom game of your creation and being able to place a second order.  After the three-day waiting period, the system will no longer show you as a first-time customer and will lift the restriction.

There is also a limit of $250 on your very first order of a custom game of your creation.

These limits are in place for your protection.  We strongly encourage game designers to review the printed copies of their games for errors prior to publishing or ordering multiple copies of a game. 

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