Crowd Sale Backer FAQ

Crowd Sales are The Game Crafter's take on a crowd funding platform. In a nutshell instead of providing stretch goals if your game overfunds, we provide discounts.

This article is all about crowd sale backers. Click here if you're looking for more information for crowd sale creators.

Crowd Sale Backer FAQ

We know you have questions, so we'll do our best to answer them in the form of an FAQ.

If I buy a copy of the game during the sale, can I back out at any time?

Yes, just like with Kickstarter you may cancel at any time before the sale ends. If you cancel, your card will not be charged and no record of this will appear on your statement.

How can I pay for my crowd sale items?

We accept payment via credit/debit card only for crowd sales.

When is my card charged?

At the end of the sale.

If I buy the game early in the sale and a higher discount is achieved, how much do I pay?

You get the best price achieved during the sale.

How long after the sale do I get my game?

Typically 2-4 weeks.

Will the crowd sale version of the game be any different from the retail version of the game like sometimes happens on a Kickstarter? 


How long does a sale last?

Typically 7 days.

Can I be notified when a sale starts?

Yes, just go to the sale page and hit the "Remind Me" button and we'll send you an email when the sale starts.

Are there social media links so I can promote my purchase?

Yes, at the end of the buy page where you put in your credit card information you'll be prompted to share your purchase on all your social media channels.

Can I add other items to my purchase?

Absolutely. Simply use the "Attach My Cart" button on the crowd sale checkout page to attach an arbitrary list of items to your order.

Where do I see a list of Crowd Sales currently running and previously run?

The full list is here.

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