Cog (Discord Bot)

Our mascot Cog was given a voice in the form of a Discord bot on July 11, 2020.

Here are the commands he accepts:


Lists all of the commands Cog publicly accepts.

command example description
!commands !commands A list of the commands.


Provides a quick reference to information that is frequently asked for.

command example description
!faq <key> !faq pricing Displays what it knows about <key>.
!faq list !faq list Lists all of the keys in the FAQ. Requires curator.
!faq put <key> <description> !faq put google Adds/updates an entry in the FAQ. Requires curator. The description must all be on one line (no carriage returns).
!faq remove <key> !faq remove google Removes an entry from the FAQ. Requires curator.
!faq help !faq help Shows a short help message. Requires curator.


Search the games catalog.

command example description
!games !games Displays a link to the games catalog.
!games <keywords> !games the captain is dead Searches the games catalog using keywords.


Say hi to Cog.

command example description
!hello !hello Say hi.


Search The Game Crafter's help site.

command example description
!help !help Display a link to the help site.
!help <keywords> !help bulk orders Display search results for bulk orders.


Displays the current status of The Game Crafter's various production queues.

command example description
!queue !queue Displays the estimated ship date for all the queues.


Search for game pieces on the site.

command example description
!parts !parts Displays a link to the parts page.
!parts <keywords> !parts blue d6 Displays search results for parts.


Roll dice.

command example description
!roll <quantity>d<number of sides> !roll 4d20 Displays the results of the roll.
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