Urgent Tokens

Urgent tokens are used during checkout to upgrade an order to urgent processing at no additional cost.  

Urgent tokens are sometimes won through auctions or given as a prize during a contest.  Each urgent token can be used only one time, and can be used for up to $50 worth of Shopping Cart contents (before taxes, fees and shipping).  You can use multiple urgent tokens for orders of more than $50 worth of items.  

When you have an urgent token available, you will see it listed under the Shopping section of your account page:

During checkout, you will click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the "Production Speed" box.  Then, you can select "Use Urgent Token(s)" from the list to apply your urgent token(s) to the order.  

Please note that, if you do not have enough urgent tokens to cover the cost of the items in your order, you will not see the option to use the urgent tokens you have:

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