3D Box Viewer

After loading your box images (Top and Bottom if applicable) and proofing the images, you will see a "View in 3D" button appear above or beside the "Delete", "Proof" and "+ Add Another" buttons.

You can watch a tutorial about how to use the 3D box Viewer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnajl-lSHWk

Clicking on the icon will open our 3D box viewer.

Clicking and dragging the box image will cause it to rotate so you can see how your image will be printed on all sides of the box. Scrolling the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom in and out of the image.

Clicking "OPEN BOX" will bring up a slider. Clicking and dragging the slider will take you through the animation of how the box opens.

Clicking the "SIMULATE DRIFT" will allow you to see how far our up to 1/8th inch of drift can affect the image on the box if drift occurs. Remember drift can occur in any direction so using the Randomize Direction button will help you.

When designing images for any product on our site you will want all important information within the blue dotted safe zone. All information between the blue dotted safe zone and the red cut line (this is where we will cut out the item) is not guaranteed to be printed. Everything outside the red cut line is the bleed zone you need the background of your image to fill the bleed zone.

The Display button will allow you to toggle the TGC Color Filter to see how your image might be printed it will also allow you to take a screenshot of the box to use when promoting your game. Clicking the Camera Icon will automatically download an image of how the box is currently positioned.

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