We have a very powerful and flexible search engine on our site, which is used to display content all over the site. It enables our customers to filter out content they deem to be unsafe, but more importantly it allows them to find the products on our site that they are looking for in an expedient manner. 


You can do a site wide search on our site, but most users will filter by department. Therefore, it's very important for game designers to choose the department that most suits their game. The department where most users will go looking for it. This list should give you an indication of where your game belongs.

Board Games - This is for relatively complex games that contain more components than a set of dice or a deck of cards. Generally this is where you'll find medium and hardcore gamers.

Dice Games - These are games that feature dice as their main component. These games still might have a deck of cards or a game board, but those elements are secondary in comparison. 

Card Games - Here's where you will find games that are primarily made up of cards, rather than other components. These games tend to be faster and simpler to learn than Board Games.

Game Upgrades - These are component upgrades and expansions to existing mass market games. 

Miscellaneous - Things that aren't games and therefore don't fit into any of our other departments. Often this includes things like craft projects or art decks.

Playing Cards - Your take on a traditional deck of suited playing cards.

RPGs - These are complete paper and dice role playing games like D&D. And also utilities and expansions for them.

Self Improvement - Games (and many times non-games) that will aid you in everything from diet to relationships to math skills.

Tarot and Oracles - Tarot, Oracles, and Lenormand card decks will be found here.

Wargames - Sometimes also called historical miniatures games, or skirmish games, this area is for people who like to get into and build intense raging battles. 

Search Rank

The following things factor into where you fall in the ordering of items in our search:

Accolades - There is no better way to bring your search rank up than to get more accolades. 

Featured Status - Using our promotion tools not only highlights your game within our search, but gives it a good bump in the search rank too.

Crowd Sale - During your crowd sale, your game is likely to show up first in any search result in which it is included.

Staff Pick - A staff pick is when a member of our staff played your game and liked it. Getting a staff pick will give you a small bump in search rank. 

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