Community Verified Tests

A game that has been community verified is eligible to be part of site-wide sales, deal of the day sales, and other promotions. 

How To Get Tested

To get your game verified, your game must be published or publish-ready (meaning that all of the required fields on the Sell tab are filled out, and all of the required images for your Shop page have been uploaded). Then, in the game editor, click on the Test tab of your game, and click on "Community Verified" along the left side of the screen.

It costs 6,000 Crafter Points to have your game tested.  Please note that games that are filtered by safe-search rules are disqualified from this test.

What Is Required To Pass The Test

You need to score at least 108 out of 120 possible points. People will be asked the following questions:

  • Does the game look like effort was put in to make it presentable to the web site? Basically, did you actually try to make a reasonable looking shop page and game.
  • Does the game market itself only to persons older than 12 years of age to be in compliance with CPSIA?
  • Does the game violate our terms of service by including copyright violations, or the promotion of crime? 

What Do You Get From The Test

  • You get feedback from the community about whether your test is worthy of access to more promotion features on the web site.
  • If you pass the test you get an accolade stamped on your game's shop page saying you passed.
  • Access to various promotional opportunities such as side-wide sales, crowd sales, deal of the day, showcase status, social media promotions, and more.
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