Selling Your Game

After you have created a game on the site, purchased a copy and reviewed all of your components for errors and/or adjustments you'd like to make, the next step is publishing your game for sale.

When you publish your game with The Game Crafter, your game becomes available in our Shop for purchase by other customers.  When a customer purchases your game, a copy of the game will be produced and shipped directly to the customer from our facility.  You will not be involved in the transaction, except for receiving a  royalty payment approximately 30 days after the sale.  

Please note that you cannot publish or market games for children under the age of 12 through our site, due to an Act of Congress that prevents it.  For more information, please visit

Publishing your game to our site is totally optional. All the games you create on our site are private unless you decide to change it.

When you order your game, a countdown will appear on your games main menu. This countdown indicates when the Publish button will appear, not that your game will be published automatically.

Tutorial Video

Here is a tutorial on how to fill out the Edit Details section of your game and publish your game.  We also offer additional information at

Can I get templates for the Shop images and some examples from other games?

You can find more information, templates, and examples for your Shop Images here.

Do I still own the rights to my game if it is published to The Game Crafter?

Yes, you still own all rights to your game. When you use The Game Crafter to create your game, you can sell, produce, or publish your game anywhere you like. This includes buying the game in bulk and selling it thru another platform or in person.  You can find more information here.

What can The Game Crafter do to help me sell my game?

The Game Crafter has several options to help promote your game on the site and through various social media platforms.  You can find more information here.

How does the profit from my game get shared between me and The Game Crafter?

You can see a full breakdown of how profits for your game are calculated here.

Can I change the 70/30 Profit Split to make more money on my game?

The Game Crafter offers a Designer rewards program. The more copies of your game that sell, the better your rewards and designer discount on the manufacturing cost of your game.  You can find more information here.

Do I need a UPC or Barcode to sell my game? Does The Game Crafter provide a UPC or Barcode to sell my game?

The Game Crafter does not provide or add a UPC or Barcode to games that are produced on the site. They are also not required to sell your game on the site. If you wish to include a UPC or Barcode on your box, you will need to add it to the image you load into your game.   You can find more information about obtaining a UPC code here.

How do I know how many copies of my game I have sold?

You can see how many copies of your game you have sold in the Stats section of your game.  You can find more information here.

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