Special Services

Here at The Game Crafter, we want to help independent game designers find success with their games.  Because of this, we offer several different services that can help improve your game and give it more exposure. 

Sanity Test

We provide the option for you to send your game to experienced designers and have them give you feedback on your game.  You can find more information here.

Art Test

Art Tests allow you to gather anonymous (and therefore unfiltered) feedback about the artwork in your game.  You can find more information here.


If you need help getting your game into our system then Concierge is for you. This is our premium support option where we can manipulate your files for you, upload them, and even help you design some things. 


If you need something truly custom, The Game Crafter has got your back. Via The Game Crafter Laboratory, we can build literally anything for you from custom game pieces to custom packaging, to trade show displays.


If you need a place to store products you've produced, and to fulfill your crowd funding campaigns, then The Game Crafter Warehouse is what you need!

Designer Table Sponsorship

The Game Crafter has created a special program where we sponsor designers to go promote their games, and The Game Crafter, at local regional conferences. We give you some money and prizes, you promote us and your games!  You can find more information here.

Crowd Sales

Crowd Sales are The Game Crafter's take on a crowd funding platform. You can find more information here.

Drop shipping and Bulk Order Fulfilment

With The Game Crafter, you can drop-ship an order by entering any address you wish to ship to during checkout.  

For large orders of items that are sent to multiple different addresses (like for a Kickstarter fulfillment), we provide Bulk Order Fulfillment.   You can find more information here.

Boardgame Reviewers

We have a list of reviewers we recommend here.

Developer API 

We have created a robust set of APIs to allow developers to do amazing things like creating game uploaders, using TGC as a private label service, integrating our site with yours, and creating alternate interfaces to the shop.  You can find more information here.

Artists and Graphic Designers

You can find a list of Artists that are familiar with the site here.

You can find a list of Graphic Designers that are familiar with the site here.

Game Translating 

To offer games in different languages, you will need to create different versions of your game.  You can find more information about translation services we recommend here.

Game Accolades 

Accolades are a way to set your game apart from the rest in the shop. The more accolades you have, the easier it is to find your game in the shop, and the more confidence that buyers will have in your game when they are looking for games to buy. You can find more information here.

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